NUIG Women’s Fixtures 2012-2013

Connacht League 

Sunday, 14th October            NUIG v Buccaneers                          3-5

Sunday, 25th October            Sligo v NUIG                                     24-10

Sunday, 4th November          Carrick on Shannon v NUIG           5-29

Sunday, 18th November        NUIG v Tuam                                   19-17        (Double-Header)

Sunday, 16th December         Buccaneers v NUIG                         Postponed

Sunday, 13th January             NUIG v Sligo                                    20-24

Wednesday, 16th January      NUIG v Carrick on Shannon          5-0


Friday,  15th February               Buccaneers v NUIG                        22 – 0

Varsity League

Wednesday, 31st October                NUIG v IT Carlow                  14-5

Wednesday, 21th November           UCC v NUIG                           17-19

Wednesday, 6th February               IT Carlow  v NUIG                 30-22

Wednesday, 20th February            NUIG v UCC                            (UCC conceded)

Wednesday, 27th February             NUIG v UL                              17-17

Tuesday, 5th March                         UL v NUIG                               22-20


Friday, 22 March                              UL v NUIG                               12-7

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