Cary among Scholarship Recipients

NUIG Women’s Rugby has been represented again at this year’s NUIG Sports Scholarship award ceremony. This year’s recipient is stalwart Heather Cary, who is playing her fourth season with the team.

Cary, a third year Medicine student from Ontario, Canada, earned her award through her outstanding performances not only for the college team, but also for the Connacht Women’s Team. She is also the current Galwegians RFC Women’s Player of the Year. She first came to prominance on these shores while as an exchange student at NUIG during the 2007-08 season.

The impact that the Sports Scholarship Scheme has on university life is dramatic. At the ceremony, which was attended by NUIGU President James Brown, NUI Galway Elite Sports Development Officer Gary Ryan, said:  “The NUI Galway Sports Scholarship scheme has a broad range of extremely talented young athletes and over the past number of years we have put in place excellent supports that have helped many of our students improve their performance significantly and to attain enormous success both in their sporting career and at the same time receiving an excellent education. Receiving this scholarship is a fantastic opportunity for these students as they will have access to some of the best people working in sport in Ireland.”


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